Thursday, February 16, 2012

FBM-KLCI Consolidating ???

These two days the Malaysian share market seems to be quiet. All the sudden most of the active shares has stop their momentum. The FBM-KLCI still look nice and it didn't show any sign of downturn but the candlestick show a bit sign of negative signal. Maybe heading for consolidation or maybe some correction.

Still it didn't means that the share market has ended its run. If we take a look on most of the speculation shares, it seems that most of the counters have started or heading for correction after recently run up. Some might even moving side way for consolidation. Hopefully most of the speculation counters are resting for a while before continuing another leg to move up.

At these moments, current share market turnover still consider normal with daily turnover still exceeded 2 billion shares traded. As usual the FBM-KLCI must not break the 1,530 points as this level would be consider their strongest support.

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