Friday, August 5, 2011

World Equities Looks Very Unstable !!! Stay At Sideline !!!

The Dow Jones Industrial Average seems to be moving into a new territory of unpleasant moments for most of the investors around the world with the index have fallen around 1,100 points. Was it an opportunity to buy any shares right now??? Maybe for the U.S equities market but not our Malaysian share market. Right at these moments our share market behaved quite unpredictable with more potential of losing money rather than gaining anything from any trade.

We might make some trading profit from one or two counters we have spotted but we can't stand from the losses that might occur just from one counter alone. Sometimes with only one counter it can wipe out the whole profit that we make and sometimes we even have to pay out more than we gain.

Our share market looks quite dull but because there was on going rumour saying that this year General Election that would probably be held before end of the year. Maybe that is the reason why our share market still look so strong in terms of the price and index movements.

If we check on the recently charts on FBM-KLCI, the index already breaks its strong supporting level. Basically it will looks not nice as the FBM-KLCI have broken that level. The next level of FBM-KLCI might be moving is toward the 1,515.00 points from current 1,547.00 point.

At these moments any trading opportunities arise from current sharp falls will be treat as an opportunity to buy at cheaper price. From my points of views, current sentiment was not a good time to trade. Stay out from the current sentiment would be the best option.

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