Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Might Be A Trend Reversal ? Time To Buy ?

FBM-KLCI still close around it strongest supporting level of 1,476.00 points. Basically if we examine the chart and the trend, it seems that there might be an indication that the share market is in the process of turning into Trend Reversal.

It seems that yesterday transaction was the turning points that the few days of decline in most of the good quality stock might turn into gains for this coming few days.

Indicator like Japanese Candlestick suggests that the trend reversal is happening. How sure we are on this indicator signal, it would depends on how the world equities market react but most of the time they are always 70 percent to 80 percent accurate.

These two days market transaction we have to use a technique call ""Catching A Falling Knife"". It is not easy to learn but for those who can stand the pressure of it will eventually win this Battle. Basically I will rate this market as a one time opportunity and they seldom appear with sharp drops in few months to come. It might happen again but when was it ???

It is just my points of views and we cannot assume that this article can be treated as accurate. It is just some of my knowledge that I have gather for so many years and I just want to share it with my readers.

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