Friday, August 12, 2011

Technical Rebound Might Be Happening Soon ???

Well yesterday share market performance was actually an opportunity to accumulate some of the shares at cheaper price. Based on yesterday sentiments the share market looks quite strong in their overall performance. No doubts the Dow Jones Industrial Average was down about -500 points, it didn't jeopardized the overall sentiments in the FBM-KLCI.

If we take a closer look on most of the counters traded during the opening session in the morning, most of the counters were down just a little bit only. It shows that the share market might make a turn around anytime soon. The selling pressure is getting lesser. Basically the timing of buying and accumulation was the last two days. It was a perfect moments. Accumulation should be done when the share market was weak. Buying on weakness would be the perfect way to accumulate.

Maybe it was about time that a rebound might be happening in these short terms. Who knows, anything can happen in this share market especially during this kind of uncertainties happened lately in world financial market. If the technical rebounds do take place, it might not be a long run. Just be careful whenever we trade during this uncertainty. This is just one of the my points of view and we cannot treat it as it might happen.


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