Tuesday, March 23, 2010

To Jump In Or Not To Jump In ????????

To jump in or not to jump in ? To buy or not to buy right now ? It is a good question but it is a hard question to answer at these moments. Looking at our current Malaysian share market performance right now, we are still lack of interest. We need to have more volume or turnover in order to enhance the activities of the overall share market in Malaysia.

No doubt we can see some good momentum building up in the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA), still most of the equities market in the region cannot catch up with the performance of the DJIA. That also including what happens to our current Malaysian share market.

Dow Jones is creating new high but not strong enough to confirm that they are already out of danger as they have just started to cross over the 10,720 points. The DJIA need to go up further in order to confirm that their trends are still intact for another round to go up further.

Today we can see most of the shares have started to move a bit after been lagging for quite sometimes for the whole pass two weeks and it seems that most of the shares have found their bottom. They seem to be moving side way with a few show more powerful thrust to move up stronger.

Well I can't say that our Malaysian share market performance right now have more potential to move up because from my past experience - the whole market especially the second liners and the third liners will only start to move when there is a MARKET LEADER emerge.

Do you think that the Malaysian share market will move on this coming few months ? I don't quite really know whether this chart that I have posted can really work or not? I found out this article from one of the bloggers who has mention that this is just one of CLSA Feng Shui Index 2010 that predicted the overall market performance (world) for the whole twelve months. In order to know more about the charts ..... please refer to this


Anonymous said...

Do not take to heart! I have a fresh joke for you) Did you hear about the farmer who was found guilty of selling rotten fruit? He was judged by his pears! vigera

Anonymous said...

of course jump in lah. i jump in already last week. now is super duper bull, sure make money one.

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