Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Time To Get Out From The Share Market ?

Right now there are more and more confirmation surrounding that the current Asia equities market are heading to the south pole. It is quite important to make a few decision whether we want to unload some of the shares that we are still holding it at.

For the last two days the Singapore Straits Times performed very badly with the Hang Seng following the same course. If we take a look on chart, both of their indexes were heading towards the south pole. Either they are going to move sideways or not, the chart suggest that they will move even lower.

Dow Jones Industrial Average still play an important role in keeping the world equities market performance but if we take a closer look at overall world equities market performance, they are not performing accordingly. It is very dangerous right now as the Shangai Stock Exchange already take an early step and plunge all the way down to went even lower from the previous low they created.

My suggestion; unload some of the shares if we feel uncomfortable with it because; who knows, maybe we might brought it at even lower prices.