Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Some Positive Sign For Few Speculation Counters, Can They Move ?

Looking at today prices, it seems that our market did bring some hope. But how far this hope will bring us to ? Usually if we exam the current trading patent when the share market traded with low volume, it is advisable to buy any of the share prices when they turn to red and whenever they turn to green (if there is some handsome profit), then we should sell it.

Few indicators started to show more positive sign of recovering or maybe they have just started their engine to move forward (maybe moving sideway). But sometimes whenever we think that the share market has some potential to move up, all the sudden they just come down.

Judging from today movement couple with the FBM-KLCI creating new high, maybe I would consider to invest a bit but not in a large scale. Volume traded still consider low, so if any of the profit margin that can be created, we can treat it as an opportunity to take profit. This just my point of view and we cannot take it as it will happen.

KNM Group Berhad seems to show more sign of recovery and the indicator also showing some buying signal. As we use to say, if we want the speculation counters to move we need to have a Market Leader to lead this market, so whether KNM will be the market leader or not or maybe other counters will become a market leader, we still need to wait for further confirmation.

P*S .... I still prefer the total turnover for FBM-KLCI to touch above 1 Billion Shares a day in order to confirm their current uptrend.


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