Wednesday, September 23, 2009

FBM-KLCI Still Moving Up But No Market Leaders ?

Well after two days of holiday, we are back to the share market. Current sentiment is a bit active with most of the share prices still hovering around their share prices. I would still prefer the volume done in the market to increase or there will be someone becomes the market leader.

Right at these moments, we still can't find if there is any potential counters would become the market leader. We still have few more days left in the month of September before we are entering in the month of October. As usual in the month of October, DJIA always perform very badly. Usually we call it BLACK OCTOBER. I don't like to behave negatively but rather be cautious ahead in the month of October.

There are still some counters or particular counters that still can moves. It is just that we need to search and eyeing our favourite counters whether they can move or not? These few days the Dow Jones Industrial Averages performing quiet well with the DJIA moving towards the 10,000 points level. Looking at the world sentiment, we can say the equities market are heading up with the lead from the DJIA. It seems that there isn't any bad news to stop the share market from moving up.

Speculate wisely and we can gain something out of it.

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