Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Quiet Trading Ahead Of Christmas Celebration ???

It is quite unpredictable how our share market moves lately. No doubt we are seeing some changes in the way our share market react to the world equities movement. Sometimes when we expecting the share market is moving lower and all the sudden they move up quite drastically but still the share market didn't show any positive sign yet. A sign that would promise more comfortable trading. Based on the chart sign, we still need more time to monitor the whole share market movement but according to individual chart, most of them still trading poorly. The FBM-KLCI must not break their recently low of 1,424 points or else it might turn very ugly.

Today is already 14th December 2011, we have another 11 days before we celebrate Christmas. Basically towards the year end, the share market will be a bit quiet. They might be moving sidelines before the year of 2012 arrive. During this period it would advisable to search for any counter that have the ability to move. The accumulation must be done during or before the arrival of Chinese New Year rally. Would there be a rally???? Or there might be a rally for the up coming 13th General Election??? We will not know whether there would be a rally coming in or not during this festival time but a closer attention towards the share market movement is very important or else we might miss the trading opportunity ahead.

On the Dow Jones Industrial Average movement, right at these moments it didn't materialise based on the chart reading. We are expecting it to trade lower based on the chart reading and the on going financial crisis in the European region but due to some positive news, the index move up and show more strength by standing around 12,000 points. At these moments I would watch very closely on how the world equities indexes are performing. Any level of support that will be broken will be treat as an alarm for us to trade carefully.


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