Sunday, July 24, 2011

Still Not Easy To Trade With Current Sentiments?

It has been two weeks since my last posting. Currently looking at the share market performance, we have nothing to cheer about. It kind of mix market with the chances to make some gains seems to be very slim with some uncertainties surrounding the world equities market.

Looking at the current chart, the FBM-KLCI still stay above the supporting lines. It seems that the share market might be moving side way. If the supporting lines is not taken out, we might have some chances to play around the market but with limited counter to choose from.

What will I do at these moments? With the current volume and turnover still well below 1,000,000 (excluded Bumi Armada), I still prefer to watch and have a look on how our share market is going to move. Participating in the current share market sentiments didn't promise any good opportunities rather with chances to lose more of our investments. I'm staying at the side line.

Lately we can see lots of new IPOs listing and it seems that most of the new listing are doing well. Today we will be watching how Hibiscus Petroleum Berhad is going to fare and whether this counter can bring any profit to its investor? With 1 free warrant for 1 ordinary share held, there might be some chances that this counter could bring some gains to its investor.

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David said...

I would certainly wait to see the outcome of the US debt ceiling crisis before trading.

If the ceiling is raised I think the market will rise, providing there are no big spending cuts.