Friday, July 1, 2011

8 IPOs Listing In The Month Of July !

The FBM-KLCI is creating an all time high but nothing to cheers about. The share market performance looks quite dull with the volume and turnover still at low. The only exciting thing happens right now in the month of July was flooded with full of IPOs application and listing.

Why everything being put together at one time? We totally disagree the way they handle this listing situation as everything being list together in two weeks span. It is unfair for the public in applying for the new IPOs listing as it would squeeze their fund and opportunities in participation in IPOs listing.

One thing for sure there will good and bad things happen. The good things are we might be easily get the subscription of the IPOs that we are applying as not many of them will apply in such a short time. The bad things are it will lower the rate for the oversubscription ratio. Which counters might face the same fate as UOA Development Berhad or XOX Berhad. Can we said that Eversendai Corporation Berhad facing the same fate as well?

This month of July IPOs application and expected listing date.

1) Eversendai Corporation Bhd 01/07/2011 (Listed) - RM 1.70
2) OldTown Berhad 13/07/2011 - RM 1.25
3) Inari Berhad 19/07/2011 - RM 0.38
4) Bumi Armada Berhad 21/07/2011 - RM 3.15
5) Catcha Media Berhad 22/07/2011 - RM 0.75
6) Hibiscus Petroleum Berhad 25/07/2011 - RM 0.75
7) PeterLabs Holdings Berhad 26/07/2011 - RM 0.30
8) Prestariang Berhad 27/07/2011 - RM 0.90


CP said...


Long time no hear, bro.

The main reason WHY so many IPOs is due to POSITIVE BULLISH sentiments. So, it is also indicating the peak is around the corner. DO check the no of IPOs listed in 2008 and 2009.

Keep in touch.


Jackie Lee said...

Thanks Teh,

It has been a while. I will check it out. Any how current IPOs listing are so many in such a short time.

Which peak is around the corner? The share market or the IPOs.

charlie said...

80% ipo will end like this...>>>

Jackie Lee said...

Relax Charlie ....

IPOs some of them are good..... but some of them cannot be trusted at all ....