Thursday, December 17, 2009

Share Prices Perform Badly ..... Quiet Market Ahead ?

It has been a week I didn't post anything inside my blog. Well I was in Guangzhou, China on a business trip to study and to analyze the investment opportunity in China seafood industry. Well it was a successful trip for me as I have the opportunity to get closer to know more about the China seafood industry closer.

For a minimum investment of RM10,080.00, we will have a return of about RM18,800.00 in two years time. Very good business trips over there where by we would be able to make another extra 80% return from our initial investment of RM10,080.00. The whole business module there is about a new technology to bread Crabs. A new system called Intergrated Crab System (ICS) and was located at Sepang, Selangor.

FBM-KLCI Performance

Let us take a look at the FBM-KLCI performance form last week until now. Basically looking at the chart, there is nothing for us to worry about the performance of FBM-KLCI but we must be well aware although the FBM-KLCI still look good at this moment, share prices for most of the counters are performing quite bad.

With many of them (share prices) inches slowly bit by bit towards the South Pole, it is quite impossible to buy any of these counters as we don't know how low they can go?

For the past one week I have been looking for opportunity to read and to study the next direction of our FBM-KLCI is heading to? But yet, it is not easy to determine where the FBM-KLCI is heading to as our market performance still has been supported by the performance of the Dow Jones Industrial Average?

Basically if we want to compare and analyze the movement of the FBM-KLCI when the New Year is coming, one has to know that the FBM-KLCI will perform quite dull with no interest or any big participation from big investors or players. They will move quietly and started to show some positive sign once after the New Years arrive or maybe we will have a Chinese New Year rally.

Current market suggested that the share market is going through a consolidation movement and we might have an opportunity to collect at the end of the year but timing is quite important in order for us to make some small profit. If we buy it too early, we might lost the great opportunity but if we didn't trade it carefully enough, we might get burn.


Bean Chun Toi said...

Congrat. your investment in seafood business in China sound good.

But beware, there are more sharks in China than here.

You may not get to see your investment and organisers in 2 years time.

magnus said...

Really a good business trip and thanks for sharing the experiences with all the business trails you had with. This is good idea. There are many trade show logistics services.

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Anonymous said...

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