Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A Quiet Market Ahead For FBM-KLCI ?

As we can see there is nothing much we can talk about on our Malaysia share market performance. It is just like the same old story and the same old days. The share movement was stagnant with not much interest or involvement from the big players. We can see some rotational play but chances to make some profit out of it, is very slim.

Dow Jones Industrial Average still moving side way with the index still hovering around 10,250 points to 10,550 points. Nothing much also we can suggest where the DJIA is going to make its next move.

Currently looking at total overall charts on Malaysia equities market suggest that the trend is getting weaker and weaker and some even move slowly towards south pole. It seems that our market need to have a very good sharp drop in order to have or to build some solid base for the whole market to build up a new rally but in order for this happen, it would still take some time for the share market to experience this kind of situation.

Whether it can happen or not, it is quite hard to say at this moment and looking at the year of 2009 is going to end, we might be seeing a quiet market ahead. Maybe after new year we might have a new Chinese New Year Rally. Who knows ..... anything can happen.