Monday, June 22, 2009

More Selling Pressure Ahead On Speculation Counters ?

This week will be an exciting week to look at. We might be seeing some sharp drop in share prices if everything goes accordingly. The KL Composite Index still look strong enough but whether the index still can sustain the next week selling activities, it would be another question.

Most of the indicators are showing more bearish sign with the world equities market also showing bearish sign. Keep an eye on how the Dow Jones Industrial Average will react these few days because their movements will determine the next course of the world markets are heading to.

With more selling pressure from our market leader UEMLand, it is quite impossible for most of the speculation counters to maintain at their current level. If the selling activities of UEMLand still continue then we might be seeing more selling pressure on overall shares prices especially those speculation counters like Jaks, Mulpha, Ecm, Mrcb, Tebrau, Scomi, Kinsteel and etc..........

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