Monday, June 15, 2009

Dow Jones Industrial Average Crucial. BEWARE.

Looking at the share market movement, it had been quite sometimes we didn't saw such a panic selling during the last one hour of trade. Whether this would be profit taking or correction, it is quite hard to determine because today only the first day the share prices start to decline severely. As we can see, the share markets are long overdue for correction and judging from the Asian equity performance yesterday, it seems that they are really moving into correction mode.

I use to follow every comment from the share market blogger, it is getting lesser and lesser that people are commenting that the share markets are heading for correction. Actually it is a good sign when most of the blogger turn to bullish mode or positive feeling. Than only the share markets can started to come down.

When everyone was bearish the share markets would turn to bullish. Right now I have zero position in the share market. (no more shares in my hand). Waiting for opportunity to collect at lower prices before any rebounds set in.

As we can see that, this time around the share prices fall were totally different from previous falls. Previously the share prices drop slowly bit by bit but this time around the share prices retreat very fast just in the last hour of trading before the market closed. Based on the chart wise, many counters were closed with very negative or bearish candlestick patterns. Can we say that the correction had arrived?

But one thing I really don't understand why our KL Composite Index didn't perform accordingly. Most of the time the index didn't show the true picture of the overall market performance if we want to compare with Singapore - Straits Times Industrial or the Hong Kong - Hang Seng Index. This is one of the bad things when our index always supported during the final minutes.

Dow Jones performance look very tricky and the index performance show more weaknesses rather than strength. When this article been prepared the Dow Jones Industrial Average was down -200 points at 8,599 points. It has been so long we never saw that the DJIA down more than 200 points.

Maybe the time has arrived for pure correction. We must wait and see whether DJIA can maintain the 8,600 points level. It is very important for the DJIA to close with small losses or else it would turn to very negative picture for the world equity market.

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