Monday, November 9, 2015

Dow Jones Industrial Average Is Getting Weaker. Becareful !!!

There is a possibility that the Dow Jones Industrial Average is going to go down in the near terms. If the rumours that the Federal Reserve is going to raise the interest rate in December than we might see that the Dow Jones might be moving down.

There is a divergence reading where by the MACD Histogram is getting weaker and the DOW index is getting higher. If we analyse the MACD Histogram indicators, they are still flashing RED indicates that the DOW is getting weaker. If the MACD cross over happened, there might be some selling activities.
If the Dow Jones is going down, we might have another U-Turn movement for the KLCI. It is quite tricky at these moments but based on our current currency, it is getting BAD to WORST. Today the ringgit trade at RM 4.35 for 1 USD.

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