Friday, April 3, 2015

KLCI Is Moving Towards 1,845 Point? Overall Share Market Sentiment Still Dull.

It has been about 2 years from today I didn't write anything or post anything about our Malaysian share market. But today I will try my best to share my personal view on how our Malaysian share market is doing right now.
These few weeks we can see the index have try its very best to overcome the 200 days moving average and indeed last few days the index have managed to stay above the critical level of 200 days moving average at 1,822 point. 

At these moments the momentum are favouring the index to climb up to reach another resistance level of 1,845 point but overall individual stock didn't show any sign of a healthy share market environment.
We might be seeing the index keep on creating new high in the process from the previous low 1,774.30 point (16.03.2015) but still most of the individual stock prices didn't perform at all. Overall the share market sentiment still look dull. 
It is not an overall share market movement. It is merely some index stocks pushing up the index higher and higher with some penny stock moving here and there but we cannot say that this is a false alarm in their movement because the indicators are showing some positive sign at these moments. 

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