Monday, February 18, 2013

JCY International Berhad. Posibilty To Move Higher??

Based on the current FBM-KLCI chart, the on-coming 13th General Election has great impact towards our share market sentiments and performance. It is quite hard to know which counters are going to perform accordingly. If we want to follow current Malaysia share market performance, it is advisable to stay out while we are waiting for fresh indicator that could give us some clues whether the time has arrive for us to go in but some times during the share market down turn, it happens to be there are some few counters that might behave against the share market current downturn.

One of the counters that falls into my view was JCY International Berhad. Looking at the chart we can see that this counter might has the ability to push towards RM0.70 level first before making another attempt to push it higher towards RM0.80 level but this must be confirm with volume increase accordingly when this counter start to move higher.
Based on the chart reading and my points of view, we cannot treat or confirm my selection that this counter can move higher. It is base on the chart reading and the way it behave recently. Whether this counter can move higher or not, it has to base on the current sentiments and the performances of overall share market sentiments or maybe this counter can react crazily. Who knows???

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