Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Current Share Market Sentiments Still Looks Nice. Be Careful In The Month Of December!

These few weeks I was caught off guard the way our share market movement. I didn't expect that the share market can perform so well. This time I really admit that I didn't pay much of the attention on the current share market movement. I admit my mistake. Maybe I was paying too much attention on the downside and I have missed the opportunity to trade during this highly volatile movement.

Looking at the current share market movement, we need to put more attention towards the overall world equities market movement. Right now, based on their charts movement I will still put my self in a position of self protection. Basically I will pay more attention towards the month of December. Based on the calculation, any major turnaround will depends on the month of December. I won't say it will happen or it might happen. It was just based on the chart reading.

What would happen in the month of December ? There might be a major downside going on the Dow Jones Industrial Average. We cannot assume that it is going to happen but we can take a look on it and have a glimpse on it. This is just a chart reading only and it is only a guide for us. How far and whether it will happen or not????? Nobody knows. It is just that they look more or less the same pattern. Just be careful whenever we trade. For sure maybe my earlier mistake was I put too much attention or depend too much on this chart pattern. That was my biggest mistake.


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