Thursday, September 8, 2011

We Might Have Trading Opportunity Ahead? Was It A RIGHT TIME?

Was it a good time for investment or just for a trading purposes only? Looking and judging from the current market sentiment couple with most of the individual counter, it seems there are some trading opportunity ahead. Based on few indicators from the chart reading we might have some opportunity based on the what have really happen in the world equities market (from the sharp falls).

If we take at look on few counters like MEGB, KNM, MAS, GAMUDA , TENAGA and others, we might have some trading opportunity ahead. It might not be like what we use to experience during last sharp fall. Drop fast and climb very fast. This time it would basically climb up bit by bit. So CONTRA (T+3) would not be the right way to trade in this market. If we have strong movement then we would be lucky enough if that particular counter do rebound faster. Looking at the current volume I would say there are less interest from the investors cum speculators. Many of them have lost their faith in this market, so I would say maybe it is a good time to try for trading purposes.

Can it be for an investment purposes at these moments? I do not for seen that as I'm still looking at the Dow Jones Industrial Average movement. As my last article I did mention Dow Jones might be experiencing some problems in months to come. So it is important to go for trading opportunity. I might be wrong in the whole process but we can't deny the problems facing by the world equities financial market right at this moment.

One counter I do like to put some attention on it but I don't know why this counter showing more negative movement since the day it was listed until today. That particular counter was UOA Development Berhad. From my chart indicator and sign, it seems that we might have a trading chances on this counter. Based on the latest development on the latest announcement by the company and their financial reports, I just don't understand why this counter perform so badly. Maybe the world equities sentiments just doesn't favour this counter.

This is just one of my point of view and we cannot take it as a BUY signal. It was just based on the chart reading and most of the charts are showing some positive sign ahead. Remember it won't be an easy market to trade with as it might move just like a turtle. Bit by bit and day by day, we might feel quite boring on the way they move. The volume or the turnover just isn't positive enough. So be careful whenever we choose any counter.


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