Thursday, June 2, 2011

Not A Good Time To Play In The Month Of June ?

The month of June has started. As we can see until today our share market still didn't show any sign of improvement especially the the second liners and the third liners counters. No doubt we can enjoy the rally on the FBM-KLCI index movement (just by looking at it) still we can see there lots of counters moving down bit by bit and even created new low.

The blue chips still maintain very well with some of them even move higher to support the index. Basically if we dump or invest our money inside the current share market sentiment right now, we would be eventually inviting the GOD of LOSSES to look for us.

At these moments staying out from the share market would be the best option to take rather than we are too greedy to play or to invest it everyday because the bandwagons are heading downward. It is not easy to strike or to invest on the right counters unless we are really sure there is something going on or there is a news on that counter.

The turnover done for the Malaysian share market still consider very low at these moments and the sentiment still looks very dull with MAS and KNM having a big fall recently. The world equities market started to show some weakening sign. We need to have more positive news in order to push the sentiments moving upwards but basically based on previous historical data, the month of June never really bring any excitement things to the share market.

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