Friday, April 29, 2011

FBM-KLCI Moving Side Way But Prices Are Heading Down Bit By Bit?

Looking at current Malaysian share market right now, it seems that the sentiment is so quiet. Last week there were few indicators showing some good sign but right now it didn't seems quite well. The share market turnover or volume done didn't quite impressive at all.

No doubt the FBM-KLCI still looks nice and standing quite well but the sentiments was dull. Need more time to see where our market is heading to. At these moments watching from the side line would be the best option because I didn't expect the share market sentiments was so quiet after recently huge movement since the beginning of Japanese Earth Quake until now.

The month of May will arrive next week. It is very important to monitor how our share market are going to perform. Right now it seems there was no leader at all to lead and to guide the current sentiments. We will have to wait and see. The Bears seem to be coming out from the sleep.

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