Friday, February 11, 2011

The Bears Are Taking Over The Share Market?

Wow, indeed yesterday was tremendous day in our share market. I didn't expect that it will fall so drastically. The FBM-KLCI went down -32.08 points to close at 1,503.99 points. If we take a look on how the share market traded yesterday, it seems that our journeys with the Bulls have just ended.

At these moments we must be well prepare for any bad outcome from the share market. It will not be a good market at all as we can see that the FBM-KLCI break the 1,529 points supporting level.

With this level being broken, the share market might move further down to 1,480 points level. If this level being taken out, it will be a bad sign for the Malaysian share market.

Right now I will lay off myself from the share market as the share market has already hurt from yesterday falls. It will not be an easy market to trade right now. We have to be more careful. Any accumulation of shares will not guarantee any return because the Bulls already went to hide and the Bears are taking over the share market.


Shafiq said...

I would love to invest in shares market. But I dont know anything about it. Is there some websites or place that I can learn for free? Also, can you give me some tips to invest? How much to open an account to start trade shares and through which bank is the best? Appreciate your help!

South Pointe Title Company said...

When markets break lower or even when individual charts break lower we always have to look at the internals to see if the break downs occurred with confirming internals. Did volume increase on the breakdowns? Were there massively more decliners than advancers on those big down days?