Thursday, November 19, 2009

Dow Jones Industrial Average Has Reaches Its Hurdle Points ?

Like it or not. Our Malaysian share market just like a dead fish. Nothing really interesting except certain counters that is moving. Dow Jones Industrial Average is creating new high with our FBM-KLCI also does the same but overall market still below most of the player expectation. Nothing interesting to write about.

Maxis Berhad is listed today with an opening price of RM5.46. Quite a good price and most of punters or investors are paying attention towards this counter.

From here what we can see the overall market didn't perform accordingly to the new high created by FBM-KLCI. Overall the world equities market looks a bit tired. It seems that they are moving side ways with most of the indicators staying neutral.

But one thing for sure the Malaysian share market still looks quite OK with nothing to worry about at these moments. Basically our share market will still follow our Big Brother indicators (DJIA) and their performances. But their indicators show more divergence sign and it is not a very good sign. Even there is a divergence sign, their share market still manage to push higher as there is no bad news that can bring down the DJIA. From the charts wise it seems that they have reached their hurdle point. Just be cautious when we trade at these moments.

I did went around and ask few of my friends about their recently involvment in trading in Bursa Malaysia counters. They mention to me, it is not easy to make money. One day you might make some profit but on the next day you will lose back. Some even can't make a profit at all.

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Abhishek jaiminee said...

hi, Dow Jones is a leading indicator of world share market. i am looking 10-15% correction around the world share market in near term.